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Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I often questioned on how business owners sustain through the various challenges and economic crises. After decades of "investigations", the few main reasons boiled down to their own responsibilities within the family, their passions and pride in the work they do, and the hope for a better life enjoyment via upgraded living standards.

Some might succeed through grit and tears, while some unlucky others might fail in the process. I had my own fair share of challenges in the past, and I am lucky enough to have a wake-up call after going through some health issues after which I decided to take a break and hit reset for the body and mind. That was when I had the opportunity to completely enjoy what I love doing, but have pushed aside for years - personal development courses such as psychology and mindfulness; and picking up the ceiling-high pile of "new" books which have been stacking up for more than 4 years untouched. From the bottom of the pile, I spotted "The 4-Hour Work Week" by Tim Ferriss which I last read more than a decade ago. Revisiting this book in this mental state was completely different - it was a time I began to think about my (early) retirement, my time with my loved ones, and even how I would like my full-stop to look like.

I then started to plan for the rest of my destiny, where I was being really honest with myself on what I really wanted my 40s-80s to be like. I drew visuals of my future home, fill in Mon-Fri ....


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