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We are a community that acts as your life hub, where a collective of professionals gather to help balance the core basis of our lives - mental, physical, and financial well-being. 


We welcome you to join our community where you can access life-planning and retirement strategies, networking opportunities, and intimate workshops led by professionals on topics that are not taught at school, yet essential for making important life decisions and achieving our goals. 

Download Life Goals Roadmap Planner

We often encounter job interview questions like "Where do you see yourself in the next 5 or10 years?" But actually, the more important question to ask is "What kind of lifestyle do you want, and how will you get there?"


This planner helps you set a visually specific life goal and breakdown the options to achieve each milestone along the way. Fill in the simple details here and the planner will be emailed to you. Have fun with the first step of Meaningful Life Planning for your next 5, 10, or even 30 years!

You are now one step closer to building your dream life!

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About Us

The Vault HK empowers YOU.

A young professionals' life hub to help you design, plan and achieve your dream lifestyle

The Vault HK is founded by a group of wealth and lifestyle planners who are passionate about personal development but discovered that it was difficult to access relevant resources to solve problems at different life stages. We have a strong belief in supporting young professionals in career and personal life elevations through conversations and 360° wellness and strategy workshops, as this phase of life is the golden time but it could also be overwhelming for most of us.


This is where you can get professional assistance on lifetime strategies, set smart realistic goals and securely achieve financial independence, or even set up a system of your own sustainable family legacy to expand and pass on for generations. 

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Members Benefits

By encouraging 360° wellness among members, we unlock new paths of personal and career development opportunities, creating a supportive space to assist you in achieving your life goals and financial independence - a reliable network for both your professional and personal lives.

As we try to make holistic wellness accessible, The Vault HK membership is currently free and all members can enjoy life and financial planning consultation services (by appointment only), self-improvement workshops, networking events, perks and more.

360° Life and Career Improvement Workshops

Well-being and life-improvement workshops, including but not limited to mental and physical health programs, communication techniques on difficult topics, habit improvements, career strategies and skills, leadership and management, personal developments, relationship management, sustainable family legacies system, and more.  

Financial Planning and Priority Setting

What are you trying to accomplish? What do you care about the most? What are your life goals?


Your membership grants you access to a life priorities-setting and financial planning service by our Lifestyle Planning Partners. We will help you identify what matters most to you and set the important priorities right - so you won't waste any time and money on things that are not contributing to your goals.

Retirement and Life Planning

Would you like to be financially independent and retire early (F.I.R.E) perhaps at 50 years old given a choice? We help you understand your lifestyle today, how that might translate into retirement from your current saving, spending and income; and a tailored roadmap for you to achieve your retirement lifestyle goals. Each situation is unique, and our Lifestyle Planning Partners help you craft a meaningful life post-employment that you can feel proud of.

Savings and Investment Analysis, Strategy and Implementation

Savings and investments don't have to be complicated. The Lifestyle Planning Team is committed to helping you reach your life goals by understanding how building wealth and financial security works via implementing our simple-to-understand yet sophisticated approach to saving and investing. We will guide you through the process and ensure you have a clear understanding.

Risk Management

There are many risks during the course of achieving financial independence and life goals. That might be losing a job, getting sick, extended stays in healthcare facilities, or even death. There are many ways to mitigate risk, but no matter what you decide to do about them, we make sure you are aware of the potential blind spots ahead of you and understand how they affect your present and future personal financial situations.

Business & Personal Resources

Sometimes it's good to get second opinions when we are dealing with uncertainties.


Your membership grants you access to the community's knowledge and recommendations.

Opportunities to Collaborate

Our hub welcomes collaborations among members. Let's help each other achieve life goals and make it more fun!

Perks & Promotions

Unlock various members-exclusive deals and promotions by selected quality partners and members of our community!

Judgement Free

We work hard to keep The Vault HK an all-inclusive safe space for young professionals.  We ask all members to respect one another and keep an open mind when it comes to different perspectives.

Lifestyle Planning Service For Members

Trust and 2-way communications are at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about developing long-term relationships and standing beside you through the many inevitable changes in life that we all encounter. We understand you and your needs because we share many of them. From financial priorities like retirement, or our kids' education, to other goals like career aspirations and creating a sense of community at home and work, we review everything from a place of understanding and unity.


We help you build the highways to your destinations while removing the traffic and roadblocks!

Who is The Vault for?

This private members hub and support group is for you if you:

Have a life goal but are not sure how to achieve it yet

Love learning for personal developments, life skills, and career strategies

Are interested to get tips on how to achieve real work-life balance and be less affected by stress

Want to know how to easily manage your personal finance and set up a solid financial foundation

Want to sleep better at night

Want to start a family and create your own family legacy that can be passed on for generations

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